10 Healthy Food Swaps

healthy food substitutions and food swaps to save you hundreds of calories

If you’re wanting to get a handle on your nutrition and start living a healthier lifestyle, you don’t have to cut everything cold turkey & start a rigid program. There are plenty of ways to simply cut back your current dietary intake without having to completely sacrifice the things you love. These are my top 10 healthy food swaps that can save you well over hundreds of calories! Check them out!

Spray Butter VS Butter/Margarine/Spreads

This is a great way to potentially replace a couple hundred calories! I wouldn’t recommend this if a recipe calls for butter or margarine but for most commonly eaten foods like toast, this is a easy healthy swap!

Plain, Greek Yogurt VS Sour Cream

This swap is a good way to decrease your dietary fat intake and get a little more protein in. I like to use this with meals that I normally use sour cream for, like tacos, dips, and baked potatoes.

Applesauce VS Vegetable Oil

You’re probably thinking I’m absolutely crazy for this one – and let me preface this by saying I only recommend this swap for baking purposes. Not sure applesauce would make a good substitute for frying tortillas, or making your favorite dressing 🙂 Instead, replace oil for applesauce in baking recipes like brownies and cakes.

Spices & Fresh Herbs VS Seasonings

Using fresh or dried herbs and spices are a great substitute to cut down sodium intake. Instead of using high sodium seasonings like garlic salt, or hamburger seasoning, try using things like minced or dried garlic, or rosemary & parsley. Mrs. Dash is also a good salt-free seasoning substitute.

Natural Peanut Butter VS Skippy

This is probably one of the easiest swaps you can make, because you’re truly not sacrificing taste or flavor with this one! Natural peanut butters will contain the least amount of ingredients, and often times only have 2 ingredients (peanuts & salt); verses other brands like Skippy that have closer to 10 ingredients with all the preservatives and fillers.

Kodiak Cakes Pancake & Waffle Mix VS Bisquick

Kodiak Cakes offers a lot more protein and fiber than traditional Bisquick and come in a lot of yummy flavors! I promise the kids won’t notice the difference with this one 😉

Yasso Frozen Yogurt Bars VS Regular Ice Cream Bars

You can quickly cut down on the fat and calories by making this quick swap! Heck, you could probably even have 2 and still have some wiggle room 😉

Halo Top VS Regular Ice Cream

Halo Top does have some protein in it, which I know can steer some people away because a lot of the time, whey-based ice creams leave behind an odd after taste. I am telling you this one does not – they’re creamy (not icy like some other brands), and they have close to 10+ different flavors that will satisfy just about everyones taste buds!

Protein Shakes VS Creamer

This is also one of my absolute go-to swaps. Creamers are often filled with a lot of preservatives, fillers, and who knows what else. Find a ready-to-drink shake you like (I love Premier Protein) and use a couple tablespoons for a higher protein, lower sugar/fat option.

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