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Your Formula to sustainable weight loss

your formula to sustainable weight loss

What is the Forever Fit Formula?

What is the Forever Fit Formula?

The Forever Fit Formula is my coaching and training program designed for women like you, who want to shed body fat and gain lean muscle without giving up your favorite foods to get there! Losing weight and reaching your goals shouldn’t cost you your favorite foods or your social life! My mission is to teach you how to lift weights (at home or the gym!) and gain confidence in the process. I want to empower you throughout your fitness journey by teaching you how to reach your goals once and for all, without sacrificing the foods you love! Gone are the days of yo-yo dieting, restrictive easting and crazy amounts of cardio!! Your journey to a healthy lifestyle change and sustainable results starts right here, right now!

What would it mean for your life if:

What would it mean for your life if:

  • You never had to rely on another diet again.
  • You could enjoy all the foods you love, while still prioritizing your weight loss and fitness goals.
  • You felt confident and in control of your food choices, all the time.
  • You could learn how to lift weights and gain confidence in your training program.
  • You could do LESS cardio to reach your weight loss goals.
  • You could stop wasting hundreds, maybe thousands of dollars on diet programs that end up failing you and leave you feeling miserable and defeated.

In the Forever Fit Formula, you'll learn how to:

In the Forever Fit Formula, you'll learn how to:

What's included?

What's included?

The Forever Fit Formula

My mission is to teach women how to lose weight and reach their fitness goals without giving up the foods they love. Say goodbye to yo-yo dieting, restrictive eating and endless cardio!

A Customized Nutrition Program

This is a macros based program, which allows for flexibility and control over your food choices. It is completely customized to you, your fitness goals, lifestyle and dietary preferences.

Exclusive Access to my fitness app

12 weeks worth of workouts that rely heavily on progressive overload. You will receive both home and gym versions of the program along with video demonstrations of how to do each exercise and space to track your workouts.

Bi-weekly email check ins

Accountability & support during your fitness journey is super important. Check ins are sent via email with a response from April via Loom or email.

weekly live calls

12 weeks worth of workouts that rely heavily on progressive overload. You will receive both home and gym versions of the program along with video demonstrations of how to do each exercise and space to track your workouts.

Client Portal

Accountability & support during your fitness journey is super important. Check ins are sent via email with a response from April via Loom or email.

Private Women's Community

Get endless support, motivation & accountability from other women on the same fitness journey as you, with our private, women's only FB community!

You May Be Thinking...

You May Be Thinking...

“I don’t have enough time, maybe I’ll start when things slow down…”

If we waited for the perfect time to start a fitness program, we would never start!! 😉 We will always fine excuses as to why “we’re too busy right now”, but trust me when I say there will never be a perfect time! As women, WE ARE BUSY! We’re taking care of our spouses, our kids, our home life and working full time. We have a lot going on and we’re used to putting ourselves on the back burner by now. But not anymore! It’s time to make ourselves a priority! With 90% of my clients being full time workin’ mamas and busy wives, I have helped them create new sustainable healthy habits, taught them how to get effective workouts in so they can be the best version of themselves, without doing hours of exercising! Whether you’re working out at home or at the gym, I lay everything out for you in my exclusive fitness app, all you have to do is show up & put the work in!

“It’s too expensive, I can’t afford it right now…”

We all have financial priorities, girl I get it! But I know how important your health is to you. I know how bad you want a program that teaches you long term sustainable habits so that you can finally reach your fitness goals once and for all. You’ve likely spend hundreds, maybe thousands of dollars, at this point on other programs, supplements, unnecessary dieting pills or detoxes, only to find yourself back at square one a year later. My goal is to teach you how to implement a flexible, sustainable diet so that you have control back over the foods you eat, and so you can learn what your body thrives best on now & in the future!

You May Even Be Feeling like...

You May Even Be Feeling like...

“I don’t know if I can do this. i’ve tried other programs before and nothing seems to work…”

Accountability is huge, which is why I form close relationships with each and every one of my clients. I want you to feel supported, motivated & empowered during your journey. It’s incredibly important to have accountability through your coach, as well as other women who are all facing the same struggles, challenges and victories together. My program is not given to you on a sheet of paper, with me telling you what to do and how to do it. I take pride in teaching my clients the science and nutrition behind the foods we eat. It’s important for me to empower my clients through education and application to learn about the behavior changes needed to lose weight and keep it off long term.

The Forever Fit Formula does not include 1:1 video check ins, though you will be submitting a check-in questionnaire via email during the bi-weekly check ins, with a response from April via email or Loom.

If you would like more personalized, in-depth feedback, support and guidance during your program, there is an option to upgrade to private, 1:1 coaching prior to checkout. The 1:1 check ins include bi-weekly, private video calls with April via Zoom and provide a greater level of support and accountability, and a greater service of education, knowledge, problem solving and habit tracking.

The Forever Fit Formula program is 12 weeks long. After the 12 weeks is over, you are automatically enrolled into a month-to-month membership for continued coaching and training. The continued coaching and training will give you access to completely customized workouts; everything else included with the Forever Fit Formula is the same.

The initial start up cost to join the Forever Fit Formula is $997 for the first 12 weeks. The continued coaching rate is $297 and is invoiced and processed on a month-to-month basis. You may cancel this membership at any point in time prior to your next billing date, which can be found under “My Account”.

Upon checkout, you have the option to upgrade your Forever Fit Formula program to include private, 1:1 coaching for an additional $450, collected and paid up front when you checkout (total of $1447 for 12 weeks). If you choose to upgrade for private 1:1 coaching, the membership rate for continued coaching is $397/month. You may cancel this membership at any point in time prior to your next billing date.

Well that’ll depend on YOU. However, I will be coaching you the exact same way, using the exact same method I’ve used myself, and how I’ve helped my clients completely transform their bodies as well.

I’ve been able to successfully lose 25 pounds and have kept that weight off for over a year a half. I’m extremely proud to say I was able to achieve that without giving up the foods I love (hello chips & salsa!) and without doing hours of cardio! It’s with that experience and knowledge that I’ve created the “​Forever Fit Formula”​.

Now don’t get me wrong, I won’t sit here and tell you this will be a walk in the park and you won’t have to work at this. Like anything you’re new at, it will take patience and practice adopting this new lifestyle change.​ But that’s what this is – a lifestyle change.​ Yes, this is a 12 week program; however, I am giving you the tools you need to successfully lose weight and maintain that weight loss for the rest of your life. You may feel anxious, scared, overwhelmed, you may even have doubts within yourself that you can actually do this. But with my support, guidance, knowledge, expertise and extra accountability, I know you can do this and be successful at it, too.

–  Women who want to shed body fat and build muscle

– Women who have been stuck on the yo-yo diet train, who have found themselves continuously trying to lose weight, only to then regain it back

– Women who are new to lifting weights and/or working out, that want to build confidence and strength in the gym

–  Women who know they deserve a less restrictive, cookie-cutter approach and want to learn how to lose weight and keep it off, without giving up the foods they love

This program is not designed for women who:

–  Women who want an easy, quick fix

–  Women who are unsure if they are ready to commit to the next 12 weeks

–  Women who cannot commit to at least 4 workouts per week and/or are unwilling to track their food

Clients are given access to private modules, resources, app access and workouts after consultation with April Hamilton. Due to immediate access of these materials, refunds will not be granted after consultation with April Hamilton.

When I hired my first business coach, I asked the same exact question.

After a moment of silence, he laughed and replied, “Umm no. There’s no guarantee because I’m guaranteeing my time, and I’m not sure what you will do with yours.”

So, no – there’s no guarantee. Success in this program will ultimately be your responsibility. 🙂

What Others Are Saying...

What Others Are Saying...

I understand the reservations & the fears you might be feeling right now as you sit back and think about if this is the right program for you. You’re nervous to invest your time, energy and money on something you just don’t know will work or not. In the last 3 years as a Certified Personal Trainer and Nutrition coach, I’ve been able to help so many women achieve their health and fitness goals in a sustainable way. I can talk to you all day long about how amazing, educational & literally life-changing my program is (not to toot my own horn, but toot-toot) – but take a look and read for yourself on how the Forever Fit Formula has changed these women’s lives & the success they’ve had on the program.

Amber N.

I am very happy with the 32 pounds I have lost with April. I learned I can lose body fat without endless cardio and I know now that the number on the scale does not define me or my progress. Tracking my food to stay compliant with my macros is now part of my daily routine and is actually easy to do. I wanted to learn the tools that would make me successful and allow this to become my long term plan!

Melissa B.

I have never been able to consistently excel in my fitness for this long of a time frame - and in the comfort of my own home. April stresses sustainability and gives you all of the tools to do exactly that. Not only are our one-on-one check-ins been a wealth of knowledge and reassurance through the program, the community of women that April has cultivated is amazing. Having a built in support system in addition to a coach has been so inspiring and motivating.

Katie J.

I gained so much positive mentality during this program. It's helped my relationship with food and to not have the all or nothing mindset. I've never felt better mentally about food until the Forever Fit program.

I give you all the tools & resources you need to start making healthy, sustainable changes RIGHT NOW. I’m your personal trainer and nutrition coach who will help guide you, educate you, support you & problem solve with you every step of the way to ensure you are on the path to success! You just have to commit yourself & make that promise to yourself, that you are ready for a lifestyle change!

Still not sure if this is the right fit for you? Would you like to meet virtually face to face first before making your move? Let’s chat – schedule a complimentary consultation call with me via Zoom! I’d love to “meet” you and talk more about your long term goals & how the Forever Fit Formula can help you reach your goals once and for all!