getting back on track post vacation

Getting back on track post vacation with your diet and exercise routine can be challenging for a number of reasons. Before I found flexible dieting, family dinners, social events and vacations used to leave me feeling so anxious, nervous and when I eventually got back home, deflated and discouraged. I was haunted by feeling like I completely unraveled all the hard work I put in during the week prior and that those couple of “bad meals” made me gain 10 pounds overnight.

Part of the reason I felt this way was because I was following SUCH a low calorie diet to begin with. I avoided bad foods and didn’t dare participate in pizza night because “it’s bad for me”. I breezed through vacations avoiding all the delicious food and in the meantime, felt absolutely miserable, tired and lethargic even though for the most part, I was “eating healthy”.

Those days are long gone thanks to changing my relationship with food through implementing flexible dieting and tracking my macros. It is so freeing to know I can take a vacation, go out for pizza night, whatever, and be able to enjoy food in a healthy manner and enjoy vacations without feeling like I’m completely ruining all my progress (because frankly, it doesn’t work that way anyway.)

In my Youtube video, I talk about best practices I personally implement leading up to a vacation, as well as some additional helpful tips for those of you who may also feel a bit of overwhelm with figuring out how to best stay on track with your nutrition and exercise program. 

Check it out below & let me know if you found this helpful!

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