I SAID YES!! ❤️❤️❤️

As most of you know, Richie and I were in Monterey this past weekend celebrating our 7th year anniversary…We stayed at the Monterey Hotel Plaza and Spa – the same place we stayed 6 years ago to celebrate our first anniversary together (shoutout to our parents for paying for that one-we were 17/18 at the time and still in school). Our actual anniversary was on the 24th, the day we were coming home. On Friday night (the 23rd) he had reserved a super fancy dinner for us at the Charthouse, right next door to our hotel. He was so adamant about wearing his suit I bought him for Christmas so I obviously had to go buy a nice dress. Our reservations were (I thought) at 530 so he wanted to go downstairs around 5 so we could take pictures of us all dressed up in front of the dolphin fountain before we walked to dinner. That’s where it all happened!! He stopped me in front of the fountain (and positions me-you’ll find out why in a second) and gives his proposal spiel. 2 seconds in…I’m bawling my eyes out, knowing what’s about to happen. He gets down on one knee and asks the big question! I think I blurted out a yes through tears? Anyway…we hugged and smooched and all that business and he tells me to look up at our balcony-which by the way just happened to overlook the entire ocean and where the fountain was-so I turn around and look up, to find my cousin Emily (Ms. Emily Photography) staring back at us ON OUR BALCONY with a camera. Then he points across from us and says look over there, now to see Renee, my other cousin (Shade Tree Photography) also snapping photos. I’m not lying when I say I COULDN’T BREATHE! I was in complete and utter shock!! Then Emily comes down from our room with roses from Richie, gives us all hugs, and pulls out a video camera from the bush…


 image1 (3)

Baffled and all in tears, Richie and I go back up to our room to touch up/fix my face…we come back down, only to find out we were about to do a mini photo shoot on the beach right next to us during sunset. To say I was floored is a huge understatement. I couldn’t begin to imagine all the planning that had to have gone into this and the stress of me not finding out anything!

When we finally make it to dinner, the waitress brings us personalized menus that said “Congratulations to the Future Mr. and Mrs. Hamilton” at the top…

The rest is history!



Warning: more mooshy gooshy-ness…

My mom was the only one who didn’t know about the proposal. She had said a long time ago she didn’t want to have any idea of when/how/where it was going to happen. So that evening, I said we HAVE to do something special to tell my mom tomorrow when we come home. So, we got on our phones and spend the next hour or so making a slideshow outlining our trip start to finish, including the aftermath of the proposal. (We’ll have to wait for the actual proposal pics and proposal video ;)) Youtube and Facebook won’t allow us to share and upload the video we made for our parents due to copyright issues (sad face), but we will absolutely be showing it at our engagement party (TBA!)

On the way home from Monterey, I sent some pictures into CVS that we took in a photo booth to have printed as a collage-this is what I handed my mom when we walked in.


Special thank you to my AMAZING AND TALENTED COUSINS Emily and Renee for making this a dream come true. I am so blessed to have you as family!!

And of course, to my fiancé-I love you to pieces and cannot wait to spend the rest of my life with you!  You are my world!


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AMAZING! Great job Richie! So sweet and thoughtful to think of every little detail. I can’t tell you how much it meant to receive your phone call last night. I am beyond excited for you both! Can’t wait to PARTAAAYYYY!! Xoxoxo

Congratulations April and Richie!!!! What a beautiful story for a beautiful couple!

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