For several reasons, actually. I work full time as a CPT training my clients completely one on one. As proud as I am for having a fully booked schedule, it’s been difficult for me to continue to help women in their fitness journeys – there are so many hours in the day! I’ve also recognized that hiring a personal trainer for 1:1 training can be a bit costly, and is often the reason why someone may have to reduce the number of sessions they train with me, or quit altogether. This may leave them still feeling unsure of what to do at the gym on their own… still unsure of exactly what and how they should be eating…. and they end up feeling a lot less supported and accountable without that guidance.

The other problem is information overload. We have unlimited access to every piece of information we could ever want about something. Yet, too much of a good thing is not always a good thing. One quick google search on how to lose weight will give you thousands of blogs, social media posts, fat loss products, skinny teas and detoxes that somehow all guarantee you fast results. But the majority of these diets lack a few of the most important pieces to sustainable fat loss: accountability and support, flexibility with your nutrition and an effective exercise program.

My approach is simple really, yet highly effective. My main goals are to teach you how to implement some of your favorite foods, without fear or guilt associated with them. I want to teach you how to get comfortable in the weight room, to really challenge your body physically and not be fearful of “getting bulky” – I promise, it doesn’t work that way 🙂 I want to teach you how you can enjoy your life, enjoy vacations, enjoy social events without feeling like you have to deprive and restrict yourself of the foods around you. I want to give you your power and control back over food and teach you not only how to lose the weight, but to keep it off long term.