White Nectarine Smoothie

white nectarine smoothie

Summertime at our house is often filled with fresh fruit, hearty salads and the best tasting smoothies. This white nectarine smoothie is one of the top recipes I make several times a week – it’s that dang good. What’s amazing about this recipe, is I found the trick to really WOW people so it didn’t taste like your boring every day fruit smoothie – I started using cheesecake flavored pudding mix and trust me when I say this is a game changer for your smoothies!

I’ve only used the cheesecake flavor, but I’m confident the banana flavored pudding mix would knock this out of the park! If you try it, please let me know!!



  1. Blend all ingredients together on medium-high speed for 30 seconds, or until smooth
  2. Serve and enjoy immediately.

Macros per serving: 157 calories | 1g fat | 23g carbs | 14g protein

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